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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Ever got a tattoo when you were younger and more wild and free, only later to get older and realize it was a bad mistake? You’re not alone. Many people have gotten tattoos and later regret them in life. Luckily, in today’s world, there are more ways of hiding or removing unwanted tattoos. Today, laser services are becoming more and more popular as they become more advanced and effective in the skincare industry. Laser provides a safe and effective way to remove your tattoo if you wish to get rid of it. Learn more about how laser tattoo removal services work and how to say goodbye to your unwanted ink!

What Is A Laser Service?

A laser service is a relatively painless service where a beam of light zaps unwanted hair follicles or areas of the skin that are looking to be treated. This laser beam is absorbed through the skin and converted into heat, which prevents the growth of the follicle or targets sun damage, veins, and other skin concerns, depending on the laser treatment you are having. Laser services are offered for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vein removal, and many other beauty and personal services. Today, laser services are being used to remove unwanted tattoos on the body, and it is proven to be the safest way to remove a tattoo.

How Laser Works For Removing Tattoos

Similar to targeting unwanted hair follicles, a laser tattoo removal service targets the specific area of the body that has the tattoo. The goal of the laser service is to break up the large pieces of ink into smaller pieces. The heat produced by the laser makes it easy for these large pieces to split apart. The cooling sensation after the hot zap helps separate those sections more effectively as the laser beam repeats. With these smaller pieces, it is easier for the white blood cells in the body to absorb the ink and transfer it to the liver for elimination.

Does Laser Work For Removing All Tattoos?

Most modern tattoos are easily removable on the body by laser. It’s important to note that all tattoos may not be removed completely, especially larger and more complex tattoos on the body. Some things that may affect the tattoo removal process are the location, color, density of the ink, and the age of the tattoo. For older tattoos, the removal process with a laser is relatively easy. As the tattoo has been on the body for years, it has likely faded. The ink particles may have weakened, which makes the laser removal process much easier to complete because they are already broken down.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Salem, MA

Are you looking to get rid of a tattoo you no longer want? The North Shore Laser Center can help! Our technician offers the most effective laser services from skincare, hair removal, and removal of tattoos. Our laser services are safe for all skin types and are the safest, most effective way of removing tattoo ink on the body. Learn more about our laser tattoo removal services by contacting us in Salem, MA for more information!

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