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Skin Tightening Treatments

Schedule Skin Tightening Treatments in Salem Massachusetts

Our skin tightening treatments can help patients address concerns with sagging skin around the neck, jowls, triceps, and other areas around the body. Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive option. We use Matrix Pro© by Candela, which combines the Radiofrequency and Microneedling technology to help tighten skin. Contact us to book an appointment & read on to learn more about skin tightening.

Treatment Plans Tailored To Your Goals

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Combine Aesthetic & Wellness Treatments

One of the key benefits of working with The North Shore Laser Center is our team's experience and ability to craft treatment plans that address your aesthetic and wellness goals. For example, if you are interested in de-aging treatments, you can combine skin tightening services like Matrix Pro with treatments like Collagenizer NEO, photofacials, and more. Here at our office in Salem, our clients bring their goals, and we bring our expertise. Together we craft a treatment plan that meets all of your aesthetic and wellness goals. 

Nicole Camarda

After reviewing business after business after business, I came across North Shore Laser Center and I have finally found my place for my laser treatments! I have never felt more comfortable in this environment with Patricia. She is the best, she’s quick and efficient! I had never gotten laser before and upon meeting her and getting my consult I decided right then and there that I wouldn’t go to anyone else because she made/makes me feel so comfortable.

Candela Matrix Pro For Skin Tightening

The Matrix Pro© by Candela is a first-of-its-kind system allowing skin technicians to deliver consistent results to clients using its real-time, in-depth monitoring and intelligence technology. This treatment is FDA-cleared and is four times more powerful than Morpheus8©. This amazing equipment is designed to tighten skin, increase the production of elasticity, and target fine lines and wrinkles.


What Is Matrix Pro© Skin Tightening?

Matrix Pro© by Candela allows us to give you the most effective, proven results that are catered to your individual body and goals! This treatment combines radiofrequency and microneedling technology to tighten and smooth skin. It is a minimally invasive treatment and a great way to naturally tighten skin. It can be used to treat areas around the legs, abdomen, arms, neck, and face.

Before & After Skin Tightening Treatments Using Matrix Pro

What Are The Benefits of Using The Matrix Pro by Candela?

Sometimes skincare is not enough, and we need to turn to treatments that go a little further by boosting collagen and tightening the skin. The Matrix Pro© by Candela does just that. It is used to treat aging skin naturally. It is a non-invasive, highly effective treatment for transforming your skins appearance. It’s designed to completely resurface the skin, treat wrinkles, and strengthen the face structure. If you struggle with stubborn sagging skin on the face, neck, and body, this treatment is for you.

How Does The Matrix Pro Compare To Morpheus 8?

Both the Matrix Pro© and Morpheus8© treatments are designed to target wrinkles and sagging skin with a non-surgical advanced treatment. When comparing treatments, the Matrix Pro© is four times more powerful than the Morpheus8©. This allows it to deliver energy much deeper into the tissues and for a longer time, making it more effective in just one treatment. This also allows the collagen levels to double and dramatically decrease the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What Areas Of The Body Can Skin Tightening Be Performed?

There are many different areas of the body where skin tightening services would be ideal. Below are just some of the areas clients will choose to tighten and smooth, so they can feel more confident in their body!

  • Neck

  • Jowls

  • Abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Arms

  • Face

  • Other areas of body

Contact Us To Target Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Sagging Skin on The North Shore

The North Shore Laser Center is dedicated to helping clients feel more confident in their skin through laser and skincare treatments that help you achieve your goals naturally! We are committed to providing top-quality, minimally invasive services by only the most trusted manufacturers in the skincare industry, which is why we work with Candela. We are excited to offer Matrix Pro© packages for skin tightening at the North Shore Laser Center. Learn more about the Profound Matrix by contacting us today for more information and discover how to secure your package today!

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