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About The North Shore Laser Center

Meet Patricia (Trish) Cregier: Owner/Founder of The North Shore Laser Center, LLC

Since 2005, Patricia’s medical spa practice has evolved scientifically, by and through her application of inventive and unique combinations of laser technologies.  She has revolutionized anti-aging regimens, organic medical collagen treatments, hair restoration and removal techniques, and vascular lesion and mole removal capabilities.  Realizing the need for a clean, medical skin care product, in 2018, Patricia developed the Collagen Connection organic skin care line which she uses both in conjunction with her laser technology applications and as a stand-alone skin care product to produce remarkable results for clients which were thought to be unattainable.  Patricia’s greatest joy is to assist every person she meets to become more comfortable in their skin and more aligned to their inner truth.  Her solution based medical spa practice and consciousness coaching materializes into an experience that transcends skin care, as it also facilitates the steps necessary to be self-loving and accepting on a holistic and sustainable level.

2019 Advanced Certification with Plasma Concepts, 2019 Certification in Plasma Pen USA, 

2015 Advanced Laser Training GentleMax Pro Candela, 2006 Laser Centers of Connecticut Certification

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Treatment Room

“I take pride in my work and am so grateful for the relationships that I develop with my clients. This is an industry that has grown so quickly.  Education and providing honest information is priority. My customers know that I have been at this a LONG time and trust my expert knowledge. I create a custom personalized experience in a very private setting with visible and highly satisfying results."

The NSLC Space

Meet the Rest of the Team

Meet the rest of our family at The North Shore Laser Center! Each team member has a major significance on our NSLC community! Learn more about each of us, and how we can help you look and feel your best!

Photos From Our Team Training

At NSLC, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience with top training and company classes using the latest technology. Take a look at some photos from our recent laser and skincare trainings!

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