Laser Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro®

The North Shore Laser Center uses Syneron-Candelas’ GentleMax Pro®, the most effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair, sun and age spots, and veins. The GentleMax Pro® is the only laser system that uses a coolant, cryogen, to help keep the procedure less painful and more effective.
Laser hair removal is the most effective and the safest technology for hair removal. This technology continues to evolve; no matter what skin type you have, newer lasers can safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from your face and body.

Laser hair removal ends the costly repetitive procedures of shaving, tweezing, chemical depilatories, waxing and electrolysis. Unlike these other hair removal procedures, laser technology is able to quickly treat large areas of hair at once, targeting, damaging, and retarding the growth of future hair.
The North Shore Laser Center specializes in laser hair removal, offering a quick, safe and comfortable way to remove unwanted body hair permanently.