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Collagenizer NEO™

Everyone dreams of looking naturally beautiful, free of artificial enhancements and painless procedures with the result being healthy radiant skin. The Collagenizer NEO™ was designed and scientifically proven to provide the True Definition of Painless medical treatment. This facilitates the instant reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, strengthening of skin elasticity, instant hydration aging skin, resulting in a youthful and glowing appearance. The Collagenizer NEO™ nourishes the skin from the inside out. We “drive” our own organic medical grade collagen serum and Vitamin C cream up to 5mm deep with the patent technique combining vibration and micro current. The loss of our natural collagen starts to diminish at a very young age, resulting in sagging dry skin. This is just one of the most common complaints in “looking old and tired.” The Collagen series of treatments tightens pores, eliminates dead cells, fills in expression line, prevents wrinkles, clarifies skin tones, and is use on ALL SKIN TYPES. This treatment is also great for dermatitis, acne, tired looking skin, healing wounds and scars, and a true beauty boost and healer for after invasive medical treatments.

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