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Collagen Wound Repair Testamonial

Collagen Connection Products Testimonial

Collagen Connection Products Testimonial

Collagen Connection Products Testimonial

Pregnancy Mask Testamonial

Photofacial and Collagenizer NEO Testimonial

"I cant recommend North Shore Laser Center enough. I have been getting laser hair removal the last couple years to shape my beard so I don't have to shave my neck and cheeks constantly. No more getting irritation on my neck from shaving and I now save way more money on purchasing razors since I hardly need to get them. Completely worth it." -Kyle


"I have been going to Patricia for many years now and I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I immediately felt comfortable after being nervous to go the first time. I am so so grateful for the laser hair removal treatment and acne prevention treatments I have been given. The outcomes have been incredible and I highly highly recommend it. Thank you for everything! " - Ella

"Patricia is so wonderful! I am a trans woman using her services for facial hair removal, and am thrilled with the results I've had. She is so friendly, professional, and fast (thank goodness cuz it hurts without numbing cream!). I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my treatments. The 5 stars well deserved." - Taylor


"Patricia is wonderful to work with and her space is so clean and calming. If you are interested in laser hair removal but are nervous, I highly recommend booking a consultation with Patricia. She has really done an incredible job at creating a safe and welcoming space." -Lyndsey


"Patricia is literally the most amazing professional human I’ve encountered and the energy she gives off is so refreshing. Being trans and going in for my first appointment, I immediately felt at ease. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re trans. The laser service she provides is phenomenal too." -Jasmine

"A must for skin! I have now completed multiple trips to The North Shore Laser Center to see Patricia and if your skin needs a game changer this is it. As 40 Is around the corner Trish addressed veins and age spots GONE! And for the neck a skin tightening laser followed by the most amazing collagen infusion you will ever try. The collagen was a much needed punch for the skin and Patricia is amazing at explaining what your skin needs and helping you to find the right treatments for issues. Anyone who reads this do yourself a favor And try the collagen." -Sarah


"Patricia is amazing! I was so nervous prior to my appointment/consultation and by the end of it I left feeling as though I’d known her my whole life. I had gone to one other laser hair center that said they didn’t have the equipment to safely laser my skin, Patricia fortunately does and I’m so relieved I found her! She’s very professional & experienced and at the same time immediately puts you at ease, I can’t wait to go back ☺️ Thank you thank you thank you!" -Lexy


"I am a fashion photographer living in NYC. I was so sick of people telling me I looked tired, but that was not the case. I was aging! I went to my skin doctor and all he recommended was eye surgery. Thank God for The North Shore Laser Center, LLC ! Patricia Cregier told me there that she could help the bags under my eyes with collagen treatments and lift my eyelids with the PlasmaPen treatment. All I can say is I saved myself $9000! More importantly, I did not go under the knife and had the BEST results. Thank you so much Patricia! My confidence is back and I feel great about my appearance!!" -Todd H. 


"RUN don’t walk to see Patricia at North Shore Laser Center. Professional and knowledgeable. I am beyond thrilled with the results of my Photofacial ... My skin looks unbelievably healthier and younger! Patricia is a true pro who was available to answer all my questions when needed. I would give her more stars if Google let me!!" -Marin M.


"I am a nurse practitioner and work in a plastic surgeon's office. Patricia came highly recommended to help me and my daughter with laser hair removal. Having worked in this industry for 8 years, I have to say, I wouldn’t never go to any other technician but Patricia. She knows her laser better than anyone I have seen in the industry. I know it's rare to find a confident laser technician that not only treats all skin types successfully, but with confidence and kindness at the same time. My daughter is at that age where she is very insecure and Patricia made her so comfortable. My daughter sees Patricia on her own and I have seen a huge shift in just the way my daughter carries herself. I am so grateful for what Patricia has done for me and more importantly my 16 year old daughter. Thank you Patricia for changing our lives!" -Kathy C.

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