Recommended for aging, crepe, dehydrated skin, sagging, and skin lightening Anti-Aging facial treatments called
Dermoelectroporation Therapy, or DEP, and UltraSonic Infusion, have the ability to infuse collagen and powerful peptides under the skin to perfectly complement all the other skin rejuvenation/skin tightening treatments we offer. We are able to painlessly deliver collagen and peptides beneath the skin without injection/needles. By utilizing these revolutionary technologies, which temporarily open water channels in the skin, large collagen molecules can reach the area of greatest benefit. The DEP system generates tiny electrical currents that facilitate the placement of collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C under the skin where its most beneficial for repair, and rehydration. The UltraSonic system uses ultrasound waves to infuse the highest quality of peptides under the skin to achieve the same results. The results are painless, medical facials without downtime, redness, or swelling, with an immediate visible effect.

Recommend for best results 4-6 treatments 1 week apart